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Independent News Pakistan, Sunday, April 18, 2010, Jamadi-ul-Awwal 03, 1431
June 21, 2020

Independent News Pakistan, Sunday, April 18, 2010, Jamadi-ul-Awwal 03, 1431

Kohatians Foundation launches in a grand & impressive ceremony

PESHAWAR, April 17 (INP): The Kohatians Foundation (KF) was launched in a grand and impressive ceremony arranged at the Peshawar Garrisons Club, Peshawar on Saturday. The NWFP Senior Minister Rahimdad Khan was chief guest on the occasion while the NWFP Minister for Finance Engineer Muhammad Humayun Khan presided over the function.

Those attended the ceremony included the NWFP Minister for Technical Education Mahmood Zeb Khan, Principal Cadet College, Kohat Brigadier Inamul Haq, Secretary Finance Sahibzada Saeed Ahmad and a large number of Kohatians from all over the province.

Addressing the function Senior Minister Rahimdad Khan said the Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti was scheduled to be here but due to another engagement he could not attend the function. He said the Cadet College, Kohat, the oldest institution, was a premier residential institution of the country and had contributed much in the formation of lives of a large number of young boys who were nowadays all along amongst the top ranking educationists from the country. He commended the efforts of the founding principal of CCK Faizullah Khan Khattak who made the college a model for others. He said he was very much pleased to know that a number of their fine officers in the government had studied in the CCK.

He lauded the formation of Kohatians Foundation and termed it a noble effort in reaching out to other people who hold high values and were working for the improvement of the society. He expressed the hope that the members of the KF would be a role model for the young students in facing the global challenges. He, on behalf of the Chief Minister announced a donation of Rs. 5 million to be contributed towards the Kohatians Foundation’s efforts in achieving the noble objectives.

Speaking on the occasion the Minister for Finance Engineer Muhammad Humayun Khan reminded his old days in the CCK and stated that the CCK had helped him a lot in his political career. He regretted that their schools lack role models, their students lack role model because they never set foot on the campuses from where they graduated. He said the CCK students were sincere enough and whenever they live, work and breath, they think about their alma mater as well. He called for going to the communities and assist in fight against poverty and deprivation, adopt poor students and divert them to a sense of hope for their future.

President of the Kohatians Association Ihsan Ghani Khan highlighted aims and objectives of the KA and stated that the association would go a long way in contributing the CCK in the formation of men of caliber and qualities. He also identified the future goals and objectives of the association and stressed the need for basic involvement of the Kohatians Association in the academic activities of the CCK.

President of Kohatians Foundation (KF) Dr. Ikram Ghani explained the future plans and major initiatives ahead of the foundation for the welfare of the mankind. He said the basic aim of the KF was to develop better relationship amongst the Kohatians and explore avenues as how to bring the Kohatians closer. He sought cooperation of the Kohatians in enabling the KF to fulfill the desired goals.

Later, the senior minister presented a cheque of Rs. 5 million to the president of the foundation.


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