Reunion 2016

A successful 51st CCK / KA Annual Reunion 2016 was held today at our Alma Mater CCK, Kohat.
This Reunion was also marked and celebrated as Golden Jubilee for 2nd Entry who started their journey at CCK 50 years ago on April 19th, 1966. 12 Kohatians from 2nd entry were present in today’s gathering.


The following are the salient features of today’s gathering.


The guests started arriving around 09:00 AM and initial gathering was held at Principal’s office including 2nd entry kohatians, and KA office bearers along with some other Kohatians. They were served with breakfast (chanay poori halwa) and tea / coffee. After that, proceedings started with planting two trees by 2nd entry Kohatians accompanied by KA President, SVP and 1st and 3rd entry Kohatians with Dua e Kher…………


All Kohatians were then seated in academic hall at 10:30, given a very warm applause and welcome by cadets. Proceedings started with Recitation from the Holy Quran as usual. Principal Brig Inam (who is also a 2nd entry Kohatian) delivered opening speech along with reviving old memories of his tenure during CCK. After that, Imtiaz Baloch bhaijan and Ahmed Rasool Bangash bhaijan from 2nd entry also revived their memories of their tenure highlighting almost all possible expects of their tenure at CCK , remembering all those who are no more with us, and giving tribute to their honorable teachers, seniors from first entry and their entry mates and narrating different events in a very beautiful way with wit and humor entertaining all audience including seniors, juniors, faculty, staff and their families. This session ended with National Anthem by a cadet and sung by all existing members of gathering themselves. The cadets and staff and families left thereafter.


The second session comprised of Annual General Meeting (AGM) and immediately followed after that attended by Kohatians (ex-cadets) only, chaired by President KA Ihsan Ghani bhaijan accompanied by SVP KA Abdullah Shah bhaijan and GS KA Dr. Saeedullah Shah bhaijan on stage.


In his presidential speech, President Ishan Ghani Khan thanked the Kohatians who attended today’s meeting. He presented a cheque of Rs. 13.5 Lacs donated by KA UK&I chapter to the President KF Sir Ikram Ghani Khan on stage. He also mentioned successful GTG of Golden Jubilee last year and told the gathering about fund collection at Golden Jubilee and that surplus amount gathered beyond Golden Jubile expenditure was handed over to KF via a cheque of 1 million (Rs. 10 Lacs) by SVP KA Abdullah Shah bhaijan after the Golden Jubilee. Along with that, the worthy President mentioned that KA promised to open up a section for KA (Kohatians) in college library and donate books in that. The promise has been fulfilled and a section is open now at CCK library for KA. He brought around 10 big bundles/packages of books to be donated to CCK library and requested all Kohatians to donate books to college library individually too.

After that, he invited Col Zakaullah bhaijan from 1st entry to preside the electoral process for KA central body re-elections for the next 3 years.


Upon recommendation / nomination from Gen Salahuddin Qasim bhaijan 7th entry , seconded by Arbab Iftikhar bhaijan 1st entry, Brig Mushtaq bhaijan 3rd entry and many other Kohatians, seniors as well as juniors, for the current KA President Ihsan Ghani bhaijan to continue as President KA, the chief presiding officer declared Ihsan Ghani bhaijan as the President KA for the next three years elected up-opposed.


President KA Ihsan Ghani bhaijan once again thanked for the interest of Kohatians bestowed on him to lead them for the next term also. After which, the formal AGM session ended.


The Kohatians mingled around for sometime and a wonderful lunch was served to all attending members of today’s GTG at college Gymnasium. After which, the Kohatians dispersed, ending today’s program.


President KA Ihsan Ghani Khan bhaijan will call central body meeting as per his convenience in the near future to nominate / select his team for the next three years.

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