For details on KF's activities, please contact our General Secretary, Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali at: syedzulfiqar_a@yahoo.com


President KF Message about Kaifi Sb Marhoom (Teacher CCK):


leftquote Kaifi sahib was a man of modest means and made his living by teaching all his life. But let me share with you all that he was a man with the largest heart I have ever come across. In his will left a sum of over 5 million to the Foundation. This is an indication of the large-heartedness of the man we knew as Kaifi sahib. For me this is very humbling because it shows his confidence in the foundation and in his students.  rightquote

Kohatians Reaction

Some words from senior and junior Kohatians about the launch ceremony of Kohatians Foundation

Haroon Pasha (77/KH):

All honours to the organisors and the team that made it a success.I pray for its everlasting spread of NOOR all around.It makes me a proud life-member of the mission.
Well done Kohatians,you have done it and keep doing it.

Ibrahim Khan (847/IH):

Please accept our heartiest congratulations and deep appreciation for the wonderful job done. Well begun is half done.Our prayers and sincere efforts in making this noble cause meet total success will always be there.

Abdul Hameed Qureshi (MH/511):
Calgary, Canada

Accept my heartiest congratulations on achieving this milestone. I also felicitate the core team who worked day-in and day-out to make it a reality.
Keep it up Kohatians.

You will be receiving my membership along with other Kohatians in & around Calgary that I am approaching.

Naim Khan (513/RH):

Well done to the organisers and congratulations to all the Kohatians. Although I am sitting here 5000 miles away from you guys, my heart and thoughts are with you and am feeling proud to be a Pakistani and Kohatian.

May Allah put barakah in this honourable endeavour.

Altaf Qadir (901/KH):


Let us thank Allah for putting barrakah into the efforts of all the kohatians. It is a great day for CCK and it's great teachers that the children they groomed and taught are now converting the CCK dream into reality - kohatians will do everything to make their motherland great and that CCK is nurturing the bright future of Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan, long live kohatian spirit.

Adil Khattak (2408/KH):

All praise to ALLAH for making this happen - Our KF atlast launched officially today!
Thanks to all the KF team, Ikram bj,Ihsan bj, Zulfiqar bj,SM Noor bj,taimoor shah,saeedullah shah bj (and all the un sung heores...as well)

Tashfeen Matiullah (28th/RH):

Congratulations to everyone on the successful launch of the KF. Hats off to Ikram BJ, Ihsan BJ, Zulfi BJ, Saeed BJ, Adil BJ, Taimoor, Sir SQK, Faisal BJ, and all others, whose devotion, dedication and commitment made it all possible.

I am proud to be one of the Kohatian’s Community. God bless you all.