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President KF Message about Kaifi Sb Marhoom (Teacher CCK):


leftquote Kaifi sahib was a man of modest means and made his living by teaching all his life. But let me share with you all that he was a man with the largest heart I have ever come across. In his will left a sum of over 5 million to the Foundation. This is an indication of the large-heartedness of the man we knew as Kaifi sahib. For me this is very humbling because it shows his confidence in the foundation and in his students.  rightquote

Free Medical Camp

Processes for the Free Medical Camp
1.    There should be an advanced team in place to make necessary arrangements at least one day before the camp.
   a.    Selection of site: ensure that:
      i.    The place has sufficient rooms and waiting area
      ii.    Security to protect against blasts etc (as there would be a large number of people gathered)
      iii.    Crowd control measures to protect the doctors and visitors from large crowds
   b.    Identify local volunteers to provide necessary support (reception, crowd control, guide the people coming to the clinic etc)
2.    On the day of the clinic, there should be a specified for the start and end of the clinic, this should be clearly mentioned so that patients know in advance. The clinic times should be between 10 am to 4 pm with a one hour break for lunch and prayers.
3.    The patients can start coming earlier. The volunteers will record their names, addresses and send them to the medical/paramedical staff
4.    The local medical staff (including Dr Abrar) will take their histories and initial assessment (pulse, temperature, weight etc) and refer them to the appropriate specialist/consultant. In case of women they should receive some information on importance of vaccinating their children, breast feeding and balanced diet.
5.    The consultants will check the patients and send them to the pharmacy for getting medicines. The lists of medicines available should be shared with all consultants.
6.    The patients will receive medicines and the pharmacist/volunteer assistant will record the diagnosis on the MIS form.
7.    In case the patient needs further referral he/she will be guided and if possible transport arrangements made for shifting to appropriate facility.
8.    At the end of the day, all relevant documents, records and material will be collected by volunteers, supervised by Dr Abrar and Dr Basit.
9.    Dr Abrar will prepare a report of the patients seen, the major activities etc.
10.    Dr Mahmood Noor will prepare a report on the skin conditions and diagnosis for sharing with WHO.