For details on KF's activities, please contact our General Secretary, Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali at: syedzulfiqar_a@yahoo.com


President KF Message about Kaifi Sb Marhoom (Teacher CCK):


leftquote Kaifi sahib was a man of modest means and made his living by teaching all his life. But let me share with you all that he was a man with the largest heart I have ever come across. In his will left a sum of over 5 million to the Foundation. This is an indication of the large-heartedness of the man we knew as Kaifi sahib. For me this is very humbling because it shows his confidence in the foundation and in his students.  rightquote

Financial Assistance Form

Kohatians Foundation has a very clear financial assistance policy formulated to make the best use of funds available. Based on the policy (which is available for download here), application form is attached for those wishing to apply for financial assistance from Kohatians Foundation.


Provision of the financial assistance by Kohatians’ Foundation is based on the following conditions.  The student must:

     - be eligible to receive financial assistance
     - be making satisfactory academic progress
     - maintain at least A grade in the exams
     - maintain at least 85% attendance in classes
     - not receiving financial support from other sources
     - commit not to indulge in unhealthy activities like smoking, use of drugs or alcohol

Priority Criteria:

As the KF does not have a regular source of income and the funds available are inadequate to meet requirements of all deserving Cadets, ex-cadets and others, the KF has to adopt a mechanism for assessing priorities.

Applications will be received by the KF from deserving cadets/ex cadets in the month of March each year, just before the beginning of the academic year.

The KF will constitute a committee to assess the applications and award financial assistance to deserving cadets based on the funds available.

Financial assistance to Cadets will be given on term/ annual basis. KF cannot guarantee payment of financial assistance for all expenses for the full year &/or full stay in the college. Cadets have to accept the possibility that the KF may be unable to continue payment of the financial assistance due to shortage of funds or change in policies.

First preference will be given to deserving cadets who are about to appear in a board exam i.e. in class 9th/10th or in class 12th. The Cadets who have just joined the CCK in class 8th will not be eligible for receiving financial assistance from KF.

For ex-cadets or others who may solicit financial assistance from KF, applications will be sent to the KF through its office bearers which will be placed before the cabinet for decision based on the need and the financial resources available with the KF.


The application form for financial assistance can be downloaded from here:

Assistance Form