For details on KF's activities, please contact our General Secretary, Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali at: syedzulfiqar_a@yahoo.com


President KF Message about Kaifi Sb Marhoom (Teacher CCK):


leftquote Kaifi sahib was a man of modest means and made his living by teaching all his life. But let me share with you all that he was a man with the largest heart I have ever come across. In his will left a sum of over 5 million to the Foundation. This is an indication of the large-heartedness of the man we knew as Kaifi sahib. For me this is very humbling because it shows his confidence in the foundation and in his students.  rightquote


Kohatian Foundation, since its launch and even before its launch has been very active in helping Kohatians and the society at large. Among many others, some of the notable achievements are:

1.  Launch of the Kohatians website and discussion group at Yahoo Groups. This E-group is for the Kohatians of Cadet College Kohat. This group will enable old colleagues to meet. It aims to provide a communication bridge between all cadets.  The discussion group was launched in February 2001 and has over 400 members. Through this web based discussion group, the Kohatians all over the world are able to keep in touch and get connected. A number of ex cadets have re-discovered long lost friends through the group.

The address for Yahoo Group is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kohatians/
Official CCK Site : http://www.cckt.edu.pk
Kohatians’ Association : http://www.kohatian.com/

2.  Chapters in major towns of the country and abroad have been organized. The various meetings of the Association were made more focused and organized. The attendance in these meetings increased markedly.

3.  In 2008/09, the Association was able to assist in securing Rs. 3 crore for the college from the government.

4.  Attempts to restore the grant in aid continue and progress has been made in this regard. At present the Kohatians Association provides financial support to over 20 cadets who are unable to meet there expenses due to financial problems being faced by their families. For the purpose the KA has been raising and distributing around Rs 1 million each year for the last two years.

5.  The Association has succeeded in involving the younger Kohatians in the Association’s activities.

6.  The launch of the Grooming Mentoring and Counseling (GMC)  initiative  was a major step. Through the GMC initiative, ex cadets organize events for the benefit of cadets in supporting them to be able to better adapt to the challenges they face in education. A career counseling session was organized in CCK in early 2009.

7.  The Kohatians’ Association is in discussion with Iqra University Islamabad (owned by a Kohatian) for organizing teacher training courses for the teachers of the CCK.

8. The Kohatians Welfare Foundation has been launched to initiate projects with involvement and for benefit of the wider community, while focusing mainly on Kohatians.

9.  Kohatians Association  provided support to those affected by earthquake of 2005 and to IDPs in the recent conflict in various parts of the country.